Palace Casino & Hotel in Bemidji

After more than three decades of running the Palace Casino and Hotel, located northwest of Cass Lake, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe has been contemplating a significant change. This change concerns a relocation and reconstruction of the casino and hotel, which has faced maintenance challenges in recent years due to its aging infrastructure. The existing facility was not initially built as a gaming establishment but was remodeled into one in the early ’80s​​. If you want to play at Bemidji online casino, check out our top on the homepage.

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A Vote for Future: $45-50 Million Referendum on the Horizon

On May 16, the Leech Lake tribal members were scheduled to vote on a referendum to decide whether to build a new Palace Casino and Hotel in Cass Lake. The proposed cost for the new facility ranged between $45 million and $50 million. The Leech Lake band operates three gaming establishments, and the number will remain the same with the new Palace Casino’s location since the existing facility would be utilized for other services if the referendum passes​​.

The Palace Casino and Hotel in Bemidji, managed by the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, is making headlines for its transformative plans​. After over three decades of operation, the Palace Casino and Hotel is on the brink of a significant metamorphosis that could redefine the landscape of gaming and hospitality in the region. The casino, which is situated along Cass County Highway 75, northwest of Cass Lake, has faced numerous maintenance issues over the years, leading to discussions about a potential overhaul​.

The Leech Lake tribal members had the opportunity to vote in a referendum to determine whether a new Palace Casino and Hotel, estimated to cost between $45 million and $50 million, should be constructed in Cass Lake​. This decision came after the Leech Lake Tribal Council came out in favor of holding the vote, highlighting the democratic nature of the tribe’s decision-making processes.

The Palace Casino and Hotel is one of three gaming establishments operated by the Leech Lake Band. The other two are the Northern Lights Casino in Walker and the White Oak Casino in Deer River. The number of casinos will remain the same even with a new Palace location, as the current facility would be repurposed for other types of services​​.

The proposed location for the new Palace Casino and Hotel is across U.S. Highway 2 from Teal’s Market in Cass Lake. The choice of this site was based on a recent feasibility study, which indicated that the location, with an estimated 3 million cars driving through annually, would potentially attract more customers​. If the referendum passes, construction would start in spring 2018, following a nine-month schedule with completion expected at the beginning of 2019. The new building is expected to employ between 450 and 500 workers, an increase from the current staff of between 300 and 360.